The importance of the sacred space in love making / Roni erez

Routine is the worst enemy of love making amongst married couples. No one chooses to stop wanting their partner, it just happens naturally. But we don’t have to accept routine as an unavoidable obstacle. We can act in ways that would push it away and won’t let it appear. All we have to do is break our patterns, because patterns are bound to promote routine.

Feng Shui is an ancient eastern art focused on increasing harmony and the stream of energy in our surroundings.

The bedroom is the most important room in the house. It’s the personal and private space where we spend big portions of our lives. In this room we detach from the world around us, sleep and express our passions and desires. It’s where we spend our most intimate moments, and so this room must be designed accordingly. During lovemaking the bedroom turns into a space isolated from matters of children, family or career.

Turning the bedroom into a sacred space for love making greatly increases the positive energy and harmony of a couple. It is an easy art that requires mainly will, intention and loving oneself.

Where we make love greatly influences how we make it. When we go on a holiday to a guesthouse or hotel, we place great importance in the way the room would appear. We want it to seem attractive and inviting, and many times choose our hotel according to pictures of the room (hoping it would seem as good in real life too).

The bedroom in your house should also appear attractive and inviting, and embody love, peace and serenity. The lighting, pictures, bed sheets and music create an ambience that can increase the energy of love making.

The lighting in the room should be adjustable. The lighting for reading isn’t the same as the lighting for lovemaking. We can use a dimmer to make the light softer, or a colorful lamp to be turned on when we make love (and not at other times, being a routine breaker as well). Scented candles with essential oils can also add to the atmosphere, in lighting and in smell.

Hang a picture or two in the room. Choose pictures you’d want to see while making love. It needs to be inspirational and signify something pleasant, symbols of relationship and intimacy, enabling you to delve into them and let go of your thoughts.

Hang a mirror. You don’t have to be reflected in it while lying in bed and can also stand in front of it in the room. It can be very sexy and stimulating to watch yourselves hug, kiss or more than that in front of a mirror.

Consider the bed sheets you lay over. Choose the color and texture of the fabric. It is very important to feel comfortable on the sheets without our clothes on. If they make us feel cold or sweat, it’s definitely not a passion enhancer.

And finally, the music – it is something that changes from one atmosphere to the other. Some music you listen to, some you dance to. Other kinds of music are good for massages, others for mediation and others for love making. The right music for love making should be relaxed, and preferably instrumental.  We don’t want to be singing during sex, especially not the song in the background. It prevents us from giving into pleasure. It is therefore best to listen to something neutral, enabling us to let go of our thoughts and focus on what’s happening in the room with our partner.

Being present in love making in space and time is more enjoyable when the vibe is right and enabling.

Try it and enjoy!



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