Blessed weekend

I want to offer you some tips that would arouse your sexuality and get you to a experiencing true sexual pleasure and great wonderful orgasms.

First – plan to have sex and make time for it. Spontaneous sex is very nice and fun, but sexual pleasure requires some premeditation. If you want to have sex in the evening, let your partner know and make enough time for it. Think about it during the day, and approach it with excitement and expectation for your next pleasure. When our focus is sexual, our energy is directed towards sexuality and we can fully experience and enjoy it.

Imagine how you want sex to occur. Do you want it wild and have your partner carry you away in a storm? Do you want it to be romantic, intimate and gentle with hugs, kisses and caresses?

Tell your partner exactly how you want to be touched. Do you want them to be gentle? Teasing? Go straight to the spot? Don’t be too shy to show them what is most pleasing for you.

Observe yourself. Explore your genitals and learn where exactly do you like to be touched.

During the day, engage in positive thoughts as to how easy and fun it is for you to orgasm.

I invite every single one of you to contact me and learn how to develop your sexuality; How to be present and enjoy great sexual pleasure and orgasms that keep getting more and more powerful.  Remember – every accomplishment begins with deciding to try!!

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