Dear Roni

It all started from a birthday … I received a birthday gift for a two-session workshop for feminine empowerment.
I came for the first time to a complete surprise, and Roni was full of energy and smiles greeted me
It is hard for me to describe the intensity of the experience I underwent during these two meetings …
I was a very sexy woman and I always liked sex, I was not shy about my nudity. I came from a very open house in a conversation about sex but … My big surprise was that the more I thought of myself as a liberal and sexual girl,
Suddenly I opened up to physical sensations I did not know existed in me, convulsive orgasms, and a deep familiarity with myself
If I could wish and promise every woman in this world only one thing, it was to go through this journey with herself through Ronny that made me recognize a new woman who was inside me!
Thank you for helping me get to know myself better …
It was an experience of a lifetime

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