Lose control / Roni erez

After watching “50 shades darker” with my partner, here are some conclusions. This movie is better than “50 shades of Gray” – better filming, very arousing. It can be a source for some ideas of things we could want to do or want done to us. 

Many women tell me they fantasize about being controlled in bed by their partner, being told what to do. It can be very exciting to lose control over what is happening. Their partner off course has to be sensitive, understanding and thoughtful – or there would be consequences!

“Yes”, I tell them, “you want to control even your loss of control”. And that is the reason it remains only a fantasy. If you want to play this game, decide on general boundaries – and trust your partner to be creative and lead the way.

You can start small: next time you go out, leave your underwear at home. You’d be surprise how liberated and excited you could feel. It could definitely be a refreshing change in your routine.

Go see this movie with your partner – you’d have great sex afterwards.

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