The Connection between Female Orgasm and Evolution / Roni erez

During intercourse women can be grouped according to the way they reach orgasm. To the dismay of many women (and men), most women (around 80%) orgasm via the clitoris. This leads to many problems. Some don’t orgasm at all. Others orgasm only rarely, or after much hard work (by themselves or with their partners, sometimes using different sex toys). In the last 60 years a growing body of evidence has shown why this happens. Why some women orgasm from penetration and others, most, orgasm from clitoral stimulation. Researchers have come to believe that the female orgasm is a remnant left to us by evolution, specifically by our primordial forefathers, the apes.

In humans, the connection between sexual stimulation and ovulation has been severed through years of evolution. In parallel, the clitoris has moved from its original place inside the vagina to its current place outside the body. This led to the female orgasm having no actual purpose in the reproductive process itself. It now makes sense to talk about the orgasm separately.

My own path has led me from being like most women to where I am today (and enjoying it very much). I welcome anyone of you who wants to be in a different place, to reach out to me. Anyone can learn the process that I myself went through. It took me years of enjoyable search, but I can teach it to you in two sessions. During two sessions only, you will get all the tools you need that will help you through practice and by believing in yourself to upgrade your sexuality!


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