The Therapeutic Process – The Second Session / roni erez

Positive thinking is very important. It might be a cliché but among positive thinkers you will find more happy individuas than among negative thinkers. As part of training my own mind to think positive I prepared notes with empowering questions directed at myself. I wrote down a number of questions and decided to consider them seriously every day for 3 weeks.

The purpose of the empowering questions I ask my clients is to transition the mind to think in a positive way. These are questions that the answer to is positive and helps promote sexual thought.

For example: what else can help me give myself to sexual pleasure? The answer to this question is a positive sentence that promotes sexual thought.

Another example: why do I choose to be committed to my daily sexuality? The answer to this questions must also be positive and promoting. When we answer these types of questions day after day we train our minds to think positively. Perhaps it sounds forced at first, but in the end the brain is exercised just like the body.

Guided imagination is another great tool to train the mind. The brain can’t tell the difference between reality and imagination so things that we imagen with consistency become our reality. Just like the saying goes: fake it until you make it.

I myself worked using guided imagination. I created a table where I imagined through awareness what an orgasm is to me. I imagined what I see, what I hear and feel, and I wrote down all of it.

During the session I ask the woman to think and visualize a picture of an orgasm. What she sees – location, size, color, stills picture or video… What she hears – tones, amplitude, rhythm… internal, external. What she feels – location, movement, pressure… She must imagine her genitals and the place she feels the most pleasure within her vagina.

By creating this picture, the brain becomes focused and feels the pleasure of the image the woman created. In this way, during sex, energy is more focused and the woman is more present in the moment and aware of the experience. She becomes able to experience great pleasure by connecting to her deepest self.

There are those that have a hard time imagining after a while at home. They can start the process but slowly their thought wanders to other things that have nothing to do with the sexual act she is currently experiencing. The best way to handle a situation like this is to slowly come back to that image she has created in her mind beforehand. Afterward, the woman can practice sexual meditation in order to set the image in her mind and create a connection between what the brain interprets as pleasure and the physical sensations that are a result of physical stimulation.

And of course, practice, practice, practice.

At home, after the session, the stimulation movement should be practiced and the sexual pleasure imagined. Positivity, presence, belief, patience, and motivation are necessary conditions to success. In the beginning it might be forced. But it becomes easier with time. You will become present during the sexual act. You will feel more, listen more, and imagine more. Only following such exploration does it become possible to discover the inner treasure that exists in all of us.  Good luck!!

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