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The Therapeutic Process

At the start begining of my new path, when I realized what I was going through, I talked to different professionals in order to understand the enormous phenomenon transformation I was experiencing. A transformation From being able to orgasm experience only with the clitoris orgasm usually, and only after a lot of “hard work”, to experiencing vaginal orgasms, and becoming multi-orgasmic.  full control what I experience my orgasms. In the beginning, I had to perform certain movements and motions in order to feel sexual pleasure, As a result of practicing I was able to connect. Now I have created a link between my mind and my sexual pleasure and orgasm easily, even without making any of the motions I used to require. The theme I encountered through all my conversations was that our bodies are like big machines that take instructions from the mind. Without the mind we would not understand, feel or act. All we feel, whether it is pain, joy, pleasure, or any other feeling, comes from the brain. That means that sexual pleasure should also come from the same place. When we touch our body in a certain place and enjoy it, it’s because our brain tells us to, and makes the connection between the place we touch and the accompanied feeling of pleasure.

In my work with women, I connect the brain with the body by pairing the internal movements and motions to the brain and its pleasure center. It’s essentially a rewiring of the brain towards sexual pleasure. During sexual pleasure the brain is stimulated and excited. Research has shown that during orgasm, and only during orgasm, many parts of the brain that don’t usually communicate with one another start doing so.

The process is like teaching a child to ride a bicycle without training wheels. The body needs to learn how to adjust its angle on the bicycle so as not to fall while maintaining balance. It’s the same as with the movements that I teach. The body learns to adjust the movement, which at times go against the normal commands the body receives from the brain.

My tools are NLP, guided meditations, and Bars. The idea behind NLP is to achieve behavioral change by changing previous patterns of thought. This is done using guided meditation, which helps create thought transformation. This helps us figure out how we should act to change what we want. Bars is an energy based system that uses 32 pressure points in the head. The principal behind the system maintains that if you want a change, you must choose it. It’s about living within a large space of freedom and being able to look at reality without deciding in advance what is right and what is wrong – just feeling the energy.

This is a skill that should and can be learned. In many cases we are tied down, and our thoughts patterns are fixated with what we used to, and how we usually act. Our thought patterns and behaviors become a comfort zone, that even though they’re not ideal for us, they allow us to function partially. We should let go of beliefs we used to have about sexual pleasure that served us in the past. We became accustomed to orgasming via the clitoris. It’s true that this process could be challenging and that it could take some time. It’s also true that we don’t always have the strength to enter a cycle of hard work – but we know that this is what our partner expects, and he wants to give you pleasure, and that is the way we know how to orgasm.

So now we must change that way. To let go of old habits that don’t serve us well. You can learn a new way through practice that might at first seem strange, but in the end holds much promise. Just as a child learning how to ride a bike, can’t see in the beginning how it will be possible without the training wheels or how to maintain his balance. But once this happens, he will be immeasurably happy.

Many speak about the female orgasm as a mystery. That holds true. But many women who come to me realize that they want to change their lives. That’s how the process starts. Recognizing their situation and wanting to change it.

The acquired skill to release from thoughts and be present in the moment will lead you to be free to experience sexual pleasure.

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