What Happens to Women During Clitoral Orgasm? / Roni erez

For many women, reaching an orgasm is an important part of love making or masturbation. This is why it is important to have an intimate environment to arouse sexual energy. During sexual arousal the vagina becomes wet and blood flow increases. Its color changes and becomes darker while the clitoris also becomes wet. The lips of the vagina swell outward. The cervix and uterus are pulled up into the pelvic region. The vagina becomes elongated, heart rate increases as does breathing, sweating, and body temperature. The skin becomes reddish, the chest sweats, the nipples stick out and harden. In some women the chest, neck and face redden.

The clitoris has an important role in reaching orgasm. In most cases, the orgasm in reached by stimulation of the clitoris directly. This can be achieved using the hand, mouth, a vibrator, or the male penis. Penetration into the vagina makes it narrower. As a result the vagina walls and clitoris become excited and aroused.

The orgasm will occur at the epitome of sexual arousal or the highest point of sexual excitement. The uterus walls, the muscles, and the anus contract sharply and in increasing rhythm. These contraction can last anywhere between 2 seconds or more. The first contractions are the strongest. Afterwards, they become longer. Usually a woman can experience 10 to 15 of these contractions lasting a few seconds up to a minute. While she climaxes, sweating is increased and the skin gets “goose bumps”. Contracting of the leg and hand muscles is also possible. Some women make sounds or moan out of pleasure.

After the orgasm, some women feel as if they are overtaken by serenity. Orgasms are a personal experience with or without a partner. Some women prefer being alone after coming, while others feel excited to the point where they can reach more orgasms. These women are considered multi-orgasmic.


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